Easy to use software for capturing and editing screenshots

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    Screen Capture

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 2003

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Greenshot is an open source screenshot capturing tool that comes with a surprising list of features for a software platform with such a basic mission statement. While most modern operating systems come naturally installed with macros you can use to capture a picture of your desktop or laptop screen, these functions are usually pretty primitive in nature. And while it may seem like downloading a tool just to improve the capability of your screenshots is a bit of overkill, there's actually a lot to really like in Greenshot. Capturing screenshots with a simple click can be a useful option for just about anyone, but that use starts to depreciate once you start having to bring those screenshots into external software platforms like Adobe Photoshop to make them ready to display. Greenshot provides the tools you need to help with everything from making your screenshots aesthetically pleasing to protecting the privacy of you and anyone else exposed in your screenshots. While software like this can be of value to practically anyone, the specialized features make it particularly useful for those working in coding, development, and IT services.

One of Greenshot's biggest strengths comes from its open source nature. The support of the clever community has allowed Greenshot to transition from a basic but meaningful utility into a modular software platform. When you first install Greenshot, you have the opportunity to automatically install plug-ins that have been created by other users. There are a lot of options here, and you can fundamentally make a piece of software that meets your individual needs by mixing and matching them. Due to the strong community base, Greenshot boasts translations in dozens of languages from around the world.

That said, you don't need to lean on the extensions to get value out of Greenshot, as it comes packed with a lot of cool functions right out of the box. As with the traditional methodology, Greenshot ties the option to take a screenshot to a specific macro key. But it goes one step further by offering you the ability to tie different key combinations to different screen capture modes. Window, region, and full screen options are all available, and they can be coordinated to a key combination that's right for you.

As soon as your screenshot is taken, you're presented with a large number of options for what you do with it. This could include opening it in the proprietary editor or in a number of external third party programs, sharing it on social media platforms, or simply saving it to your computer. The editor comes with a number of options catered to quickly obscuring your confidential information, and use in tandem with the social media sharing options, you can get your screenshots shared far more quickly and easily than you otherwise might.


  • An image editor with editing tools unique to screenshot sharing
  • Incredibly convenient social media integration built in
  • Supported by a number of interesting plug-ins


  • Lacking many of the features paid alternatives offers

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